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Internet sales of freezer bags, garbage bags, disposable tablecloths and...

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Selling freezer and zipper bag

Selling garbage bags

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All kinds of certificates and certificates of standard and ISO are proof of our quality

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Free delivery of orders over 4000000 Rial to all over the country

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Payment through all Shetab member cards in a safe and secure environment

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This is possible in bulk and in detail please contact us

Selling Disposable Table

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Why Vesta Polymer?

Vesta Group with more than three decades of experience in supplying and distributing a variety of engineering and general polymer raw materials to manufacturers of various industries, including pharmaceutical, cosmetic, electrical and electronics, printing and packaging and companders and other industries in domestic and foreign markets, and now Vesta Polymer online store with direct and unmediated supply of products to consumers with special discounts at your service Was.

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