With more than three decades of experience in the plastics industry

Vesta Polymernik Holding

Online store for consumer items related to home and kitchen

Manufacturer of polyethylene films, nylon nylon nylon shrink

Supply and distribution of all kinds of engineering and general polymer raw materials

More than three decades of commercial and manufacturing experience in the plastics industry

About Nik Vestapolymer

Vesta Group with more than three decades of experience in supplying and distributing all kinds of engineering and general polymer raw materials to manufacturers of various industries, including pharmaceutical, cosmetic, electrical and electronics, printing and packaging and companders and other industries in domestic and foreign markets.

Also in line with its activities since the beginning of 2015, by activating production lines of various types of nylon, nylex and shrink with a capacity of 500 tons per month and with the cooperation of its young, young and motivated specialists, has been able to join the top producers in this field.
And in order to realize economic prosperity and job creation, it intends to enter and operate in some other industries such as building and food industries, to have a small share in the macroeconomic goals of our beloved country.

Manufactured products:
Polyethylene films in different types of packaging
Industrial and store bags, garbage bags, freezers and zipper caps
Disposable tablecloths and gloves
Food Protective Staples
Aluminum Foil

Having a variety of certificates and approvals in order to provide better services

ISO 10004:2018
Customer Satisfaction Management

Production with CE standard in food

National Standard Badge

  • ISO 9001:2015
    Quality Management System
  • ISO 10002:2018
    Customer Complaint Management
  • ISO 45001:2018
    Occupational Safety and Health Management

Construction License
1624535 – 1624536 – 1624537

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فروش خرده و عمده انواع محصولات پلیمری مختص آشپزخانه
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